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Being Eco Doesn’t Have to Cost The Earth

Being more eco doesn’t have to cost the earth! In this latest blog post I’ll share with you the best ways I’ve found to make positive changes without spending a fortune!


1. Firstly… use what you have at home already.

Don’t try and overhaul overnight. Use up what you have (and keep the containers for your local refill shops or for using our refill cleaning products). 
Comsumerism not only costs us a blooming fortune but it’s also terrible for the environment. Empty juice bottles can be used again for drinks bottles out and about until you feel ready to buy a reusable bottle. Bread bags make great sandwich bags. Get imaginative and hold off having to spend for as long as you can. The more uses something has before it’s recycled or binned reduces its carbon footprint.

2. Ditch the fast fashion 

Fast fashion has devastating effects on the environment and usually the clothes are made abroad in unethical conditions. Save yourself cash and do something positive for the environment by not succumbing to the latest ‘trends’. Style what you have in new ways to make it seem like a different outfit; add a belt, scarf or statement piece of jewellery to give it a different edge. 
Really need something new? Try searching for it secondhand first. There are so many ways to source secondhand now you don’t even need to step into a charity shop if you don’t want. I’ve found gems on FB marketplace, Depop and eBay.

Let’s go back to the idea of ‘make do and mend’. Ask ourselves before we throw something away, can I fix it? YouTube is fab for mini tutorials, you can teach yourself to do pretty much anything! 

3. In The Home 

Theres lots of things we can be doing at home that don’t cost a penny- most will actually save you money.

Being conscious of how much water you use at home. Less baths, shorter showers and not leaving the tap running all help. Using water from the tumbler dryer and washing up to water plants and using a water butt to water the garden. 

Switching lights and electrical goods off is another great way to save money and be more eco. Even when left in standby our appliances use a small amount of electricity so switching them off at the plug is the best option. 

Grab those cosy blankets and slippers! Turning the heating down a degree or two is another way to help the planet while saving money. 

Another good tip is to try and only run full loads on the washing machine and dish washer. This is far better then doing more smaller loads.

4. Out and about 

Take your own… lunch/ picnic/ juice/ coffee/ tea/ snacks. All these things add up £££ when you’re away from home and usually when bought while out they’re wrapped in plastic packaging too. By taking your own you’re reducing the plastic waste as well as saving yourself some cash too.

Bring your recyclables home to ensure they’re disposed of correctly and you could even do a litter pick while out to make an even bigger impact. 

Talk to others about environmental issues that you’re passionate about. Sometimes we have a bigger influence on those around us then we are aware of. If you think businesses you use could be doing more make polite suggestions and open up the conversation about it; perhaps even think of ways your own workplace could make improvements. 


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