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Christmas Gift Guide - Guest Blog from @our_little_eco_steps

 Just over a month to go until Christmas! How are you feeing about it? Started Christmas shopping yet? If you’re anything like me, there’s always someone that you’re not sure what to buy for. I’ve put together this little gift guide which will hopefully give a bit of inspiration and maybe make it eco-friendly.


One of my favourite ways to make the gift more eco-friendly to see what the receipient wants or needs (especially with close relatives – I find it easier to have this conversation with them) . This should hopefully mean that you will be buying something that will get used. Maybe they need some more shampoo or want to try a safety razor? Gift buying can be a great time to open up conversations about sustainability and the products we use, especially if the person says they aren’t sure what they would like – maybe suggest your favourite eco product?


Here’s a round up of some gift ideas from Eco Made Simple UK. There are so many lovely gifts that I struggled to narrow it down for this gift guide!




Toiletries are often a good way to go, and there’s a wide range at Eco Made Simple, whether you’re buying individual items or gift sets. Some are already packaged up as lovely gift sets like the the Soap & Soul Tropical Bath & Body Set or the Bathroom Heaven Gift Box.

Or going back to asking what people want or need, I asked for a Bambaw safety razor last year and some loose leaf teas, which might not have seem very gift-like but they are both things that I wanted to try and have used regularly! Or maybe some face cleanser? You could get the razor on its own or in the Shaving gift set, and it’s the same with the skincare products – many of them come either on their own or in a gift set. My favourites are Upcircle, Flawless, or Lyons Leaf, but there are a few to choose from, and I’ve been looking at the Rugged Nature set for my husband. Or you can buy the cleansing balms, face masks, face cream, body cream and body scrubs etc separately!

Another eco-friendly product is food and drink that will get eaten/drunk. When I asked the other reps what they would be gifting, one said she had made a loose leaf tea set with loose leaf and tea bags for her tea-drinking in laws, which might be an idea that I steal! Or there are a few chocolates to choose from too (including vegan chocolates), whether as a larger box or as stocking fillers, or somewhere in between.

Reusable coffee cups was another suggestion - The Huski ones are popular and I love my Circular & Co NOW Cup – it’s made from recycled plastic and is recyclable, and costs less than £5.00 (maybe for a secret santa at work?).

Box sets/Hampers


Hampers are a great way to gift up a number of items. When I asked the Eco Made Simple brand reps what gift items they would be buying this year and hampers or gift sets were a strong favourite!

There are a number of gift sets that you can buy all ready made up, including:

Seatox Face Mask Making Kit which not only has the ingredients you need to make the mask (just add water!) but has a bamboo head towel and bowl to add to the pampering experience.

Lyons Leaf - Hot Cloth Cleansing Revitalising Kit with everything you need to get started with this 100% natural cleansing balm

Rugged Nature - a grooming kit for the man in your life, with shower soap, shampoo bar, natural deodorant, face cloth and hair comb


Sweet Dream Pamper Gift Set - do you need someone, a mum perhaps, who needs a bit of a pamper and restful night? I can’t promise that they’ll get a solid 12 hours sleep but this kit can help with the wind down before bed to hopefully make her feel rested and relaxed.

Or you can make your own hamper, tailored to the recipient. My husband turned vegan last year so for Christmas 2020, I made him a hamper of various vegan products, and something like the Happi or H!P Chocolate and Sugar Noms sweets would have been a perfect addition.

Maybe you have a friend or relative who would benefit from a hamper with the Self Heating Eye Mask, SHED Candle, a bit of chocolate, scrunchie and some Lavender bath bombs.


You could also create a “Sustainability Starter Kit”, which you can customise for the recipient, maybe some soap bars, shampoo bars, cotton shopping bag, wax wraps, fabric kitchen unpaper towel and sponge. You can add as much or as little as you like!


One of my favourite smaller gifts sets is the Candy Cane Soap Gift sets (maybe for teachers?) handmade soap bars with a soap dish and wrapped up in a bow.


Stocking fillers for adults

A lot of the things mentioned in this guide would make a great stocking filler for adults, such as the bath bombs, self heating eye mask, chocolate and scrunchie.

Or how about the vegan lip balm, shampoo bars (Aurora are my favourites), or bath salt shots (less than £5.00)? They’re all perfect size for stockings!




The Wall and The Wild hardback book is a lovely book. It’s about a child growing plants, who tries to make her garden look perfect and so throws the irregular shoots and uneven seeds over the wall, and the wild begins to grow, demonstrating the importance of biodiversity in a gentle way for kids to enjoy. Why not combine with a seedbomb?

For the creative little ones, what about these shaped crayons or Design Your Own Forest Fairy garden kit


Felt kits – A bit of fun for you and the kids! Choose from dinosaurs or diferent animals, make up the kits and then there’s a soft toy that you can gift to your little one! The kits are suitable from age 14 years onwards so would also work well for a crafty teenager.

I don’t think a gift guide for kids could be complete without some play dough and this Child Led Play is a lovely option – gluten free, eco conscious, smells lovely and made entirely of food-grade ingredients. Play dough keeps my toddler entertained for a good couple of hours so this is going to be one of his presents this year!

Toothbrushes – this might seem unconventional but I was reading a book with my toddler recently, Pip & Posy at Christmas, and Pip gets a toothbrush which he loves. And what’s not to love about these colourful bamboo toothbrushes?


And there’s always chocolate – like this Tonys – great for stocking fillers. Or maybe some colourful soap or fun bath bombs?


Don’t forget the wrapping!

Don’t forget to check out some tape and wrapping paper for your gifts!


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