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Don’t strive for perfection... aim for progress instead

This isn’t your usual motivational blog post. I’m not going to tell you to reach for the stars or smash your goals. Why not? Because it’s huge changes and unrealistic goals that lead to you feeling a sense of failure when they don’t work out. They’re also far harder to make a permanent habit.

For me, lifestyle changes have to be gradual. Something I can easily fit into busy family life. With two small humans running around time is precious and we’re never going to be zero waste. 

We’ve come along way with living more sustainably as a family and increasing our knowledge around our impact on the planet. This is something to celebrate and recognise. It’s progress. We need to stop beating ourselves up for what we’re not doing and praise ourselves for how far we’ve come. 

As the old saying goes... ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.


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