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Kids skin is special - Guest Blog from Rowdy Kind

Skin is skin... right? That's what we used to think too. However, while developing Rowdy Kind, we heard from over 50% of the families we spoke to that at least one of their children was experiencing skin issues. How could this be? 

We got curious and wanted to learn more, so we did! Here’s what we found out:

  • Kids' skin is thinner than adult skin. We all know baby skin is thinner and more sensitive, so it makes sense that it thickens gradually from infancy until adulthood achieving full thickness during puberty.
  • The top layer of skin (the Stratum Corneum) is especially thin in kids. This is the layer of skin that keeps moisture in and bacteria out.
  • Kids have a less developed "acid mantle".  This is your skin’s outer layer and protective coating.  It becomes thicker and oilier during puberty.  Wrinkly fingers and toes are a sign the acid mantle has been stripped off your skin, as is that squeaky clean feeling. (Yes, that's actually bad!)
  • Kids’ skin is proportionately more of their body.  Because they are littler, the ratio of "skin to not skin" on a kid is higher.  This means if they do come into contact with irritants, they get bothered faster and it is worse than what would happen to an adult.

What does this all mean?

  1. Kids’ skin is more prone to drying out because it can't hold in moisture like adult skin does. 
  2. Kids’ skin is more likely to absorb things into its lower layers or into the body because its protective layers aren’t yet fully developed.
  3.  When they do get exposed to things that itch and ouch, it’s going to be worse for them.


So many kids are having skin issues, because they are not using soap that is made for them — keeping their skin moist, using gentle and non-irritating ingredients.


Rowdy Kind is made specifically for kids.  We are passionate about the pH level of our plastic-free products being exactly right so that it doesn't strip the delicate acid mantle; we also make everything with the highest-quality gentle cleansing ingredients, so you don’t have to worry what’s getting on or under their skin. Win!


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