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Natural Deodorant… the low down.

Natural Deodorants… the low down.


So I’ve been using eco friendly deodorants for about 1.5yrs now. I found it a difficult switch to make- not because it’s physically hard but psychologically it was for me. I’m quite a sweaty person (tmi maybe but we’re all friends here!!) and society has us believe that it’s gross to sweat. So I had to challenge my preconceived and ingrained beliefs. I’m now not so bothered about ‘sweat patches’ as long as I smell fresh but it did take a while to get comfortable with it.

I still keep a normal anti perspirant in the house for times when I don’t want my body to naturally sweat such as at interviews/ presentations at work but other then that my daily go to is an eco friendly , plastic free and far more natural deodorant.


Why make the switch?


My first reason for making the switch came from doing our bathroom plastic audit; I wanted to reduce the plastic we disposed of as much as possible so I thought I’d give them a go. As they are either packaged in cardboard or jars it means less plastic waste.


As a read into the benefits I was even more determined to give it a try.

Our bodies are supposed to perspire, it’s our natural cooling mechanism and so I felt it must be healthier not to interrupt our natural physiology.

Plus the fact that natural deodorants don’t contain harsh chemicals or aluminium which can be absorbed by the skin.


Generally speaking the brands making natural deodorants are also more ethical, animal cruelty free, sustainable and environmentally friendly in their business model.

What have I found?


I’ve tried quite a few different brands and scents including Wild, The natural deodorant company, Earth conscious, Scrubber and KuTis.


The strongest deodorant I’ve tried is definitely the Earth Conscious Mint. This is ideal for those folks who are very active and I find I still smell fresh the next morning after using this one. It has an invigorating mint scent which I really like and makes it totally unisex. I would say avoid this one if you have very sensitive skin though as it does pack a punch.


I liked the Wild ones (especially the cotton scent) and found these did keep me fresh however it didn’t seem to last me as long as others I’ve tried so could work out more expensive. For these you buy the case and then get fully compostable refills to pop it in. You can get them direct or they’re now sold in most larger supermarkets which makes it handy for people to get the refills.


The natural deodorant company is a higher price point but comes in a jar and you apply it like a cream. It lasts a long time so although the initial outlay is high it would last you months. Perhaps a good option for anyone with a lot of underarm hair as it’ll be easier to work into the skin compared to the solid bars.


Scrubber is the best value for money out of all the ones I’ve tried. It’s a cheaper price point and lasts me ages. My fave out of the scents is the grapefruit. I love that they’re made in the UK and have the coolest packaging. They’re also available in extra sensitive for those who have struggled with natural deodorant before. I’ve not tried the extra sensitive version though so can’t say if it’s as effective as the standard formula.


What else is available?


Finding the right natural deodorant for you may take a little bit of trial and error, or you may strike lucky and find one you love straight away.


As well as those mentioned above, there’s plenty of other options on the market. Check out primal suds or rugged nature for a more masculine style deo bar, lush is another high street option to try and Ben & Anna always get great reviews although I’ve not tried them personally.


You could even be experimental and try making your own. Pinterest is great for finding recipes and ideas.


Really hope you enjoyed reading this and found it useful.

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