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The Juggle Is Real

Wow it’s certainly a juggling act at the moment. I definitely have a new level of respect for teachers. 

Just wanted to pop on here and write something to let you know that it’s ok to let things slide. We literally cannot be everything to everyone, especially not in these crazy times! 

We’ve definitely found the natural play resources from Green Earth Learning ideal for entertaining both kids. Plus they also double up as a learning activity too. The Scavenger Hunt sets are also a lovely addition to the walks we do. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been so excited just to walk. Even a trip around the block is something we appreciate now. It is nice to slow down a little though and just be able to take in the world around you, rather then having to be somewhere for a certain time. 

It’s strange times when a trip to the butchers or the post office is a thrill. We actually even say it like we’re talking about who’s going to have a night out...

‘you can go if you want’

‘no it’s ok, I went last time’

On a serious note though, I hope you’re looking after yourselves and managing to enjoy the small things. There’s still fun to be had (around the phonics and algebra!).

We really appreciate all your support through these difficult times and we’re so pleased we can still send you all your fave eco swaps. 

Take Care,

Kirsty x


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