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What’s New With Us?

I want to feel like this is a little community, a place where we can share ideas and you feel a part of this little business we are building. So, I’ve decided to write a blog. To let you into our lives, what we’ve been up to both in and out of the business side of things, what we’re struggling with and what we’re loving right now. 

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working shifts which has involved working 12hrs over the weekends. I’ve had to let things with the business take a bit of a slide whilst i juggled work and still managing to connect with my kids. I’ve also been terrible with my food this week and not very eco at all! I’ve taken mainly junk food with me as it was all I could grab as I grappled to get out of the door.

I could beat myself up and feel guilty about that but that is not what this space is about. We don’t claim to be perfect or anywhere close. There are days when our desire for a takeaway, for an easy option, is far stronger then our desire to produce less waste. That’s ok. We just don’t let those days mean we just revert back to our old ways and old habits. 
(I also actually wrote to a Vegan takeaway we used and gave them some advice on how to improve their packaging.) 

Too many people have the attitude of ‘well what’s the point’ or ‘what difference could that one swap possibly make?’, but if everyone who thought like that made that change regardless, then the cumulative effect would be massive. 

You don’t need to do everything or know all is there is to know about eco living. You just have to do what you can, when you can. This will look different for each of us and that’s ok. 💚

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