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EcoEgg Laundry Egg Spring Blossom – the innovative laundry solution.

  • Replaces laundry detergent and fabric conditioner (70 washes)
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals
  • Rated excellent for sensitive skin by Dermatest
  • Helps to reduce single-use plastic
  • Kind to your pocket – just 14p per wash and 10p per wash when you refill
  • 10 year guarantee on the egg case

What is the EcoEgg Laundry Egg?

The EcoEgg Laundry Egg Spring Blossom is a unique and innovative laundry washing system that cleans clothes effectively.

The EcoEgg Laundry Egg which contains no harmful chemicals and is kind to your skin, completely replaces your traditional laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. Therefore giving you a kinder laundry solution.

How does it work?

Firstly, we suggest cleaning your machine with an EcoEgg Detox Tablet so that any residue from previously used detergents or fabric conditioners are cleaned away.

Then, simply open your Laundry Egg and fill the larger half with the two types of mineral pellets. Close your egg so that it ‘clicks’ and place it in your washing machine on top of your laundry.

The mineral pellets work together in the water to effectively draw dirt from your clothes and softens them by changing the pH, thus leaving your laundry clean and fresh without using harmful chemical laden detergents. The mineral pellets in the EcoEgg Laundry Egg are perfect for people with sensitive skin, are non-biological and do not contain any petrochemicals, enzymes, bleaches, phosphates, parabens, SLS/SLES, palm oil or microplastics. You’ll need to replace your mineral pellets after approximately 2 months of use (this time frame will depend on whether you have the initial 70 wash egg or 50 wash refills, how often you put a wash on and the machine wash cycle you choose.)