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Organic Cotton Buds

Organic Cotton Buds

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  • 200 Cotton Buds
  • Organic cotton tipped buds
  • FSC paper stems
  • 100% Organic Cotton tips

These cotton buds are perfect for a multitude of uses, from cleaning small cuts and grazes to nail varnish mistakes!

Why does it matter that it is organic cotton wool?

It may surprise you to learn that the humble cotton plant uses more pesticides per plant than almost any other plant in the world. In fact, 22% of all insecticides and 20% of all pesticides in the world are used in cotton growing. This causes problems to the local environment to where the cotton is grown, killing off good bugs and plants as well as the bad causing an ecological imbalance.

Moreover, they are extremely dangerous to people. In fact, around 25,000 deaths a year are supposedly caused as a result of working with these chemicals!

Organic cotton is grown without these chemicals providing a healthier working environment for the farmers, and a protecting the local environment too.

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