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Oxi Boost

Oxi Boost

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Dri-Pak Oxi Boost – softens water AND tackles stains

Following feedback from customers asking them to reduce the number of products they supply in plastic, Dri-Pak have relaunched Soda Crystals Laundry Boost as Oxi-Boost. It’s the same great product but packed in a cardboard box. Following market research we found that some customers didn’t fully understand exactly what the product should be used for. So they redesigned the pack, to fit in with the other cardboard box products, highlighting the 3 main selling points.

Oxi-Boost contains no perfumes, fragrance or enzymes so is ideally suited to people with skin allergies and sensitivities such as eczema and dermatitis.

What is Oxi-Boost Used For?

Oxi-Boost conatins oxygen bleach (not to be confused with chlorine bleach) and has a number of benefits when used in conjunction with your usual laundry detergent:

  • Tackles stains
  • Keeps whites white (but won’t fade colours)
  • Softens your water to help prevent limescale forming

If you’re using Oxi-Boost in the washing machine, remember to reduce the amount of your usual detergent to the soft water dose. You can use powders or liquids. If using powder, the two can be added together, but if using liquid, you should keep them separate to avoid them clumping. If one is added directly to the drum, the other should be placed in the detergent drawer.


Size: 600g