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Unsponge Heavy Duty Squeeze

Unsponge Heavy Duty Squeeze

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This heavy duty version is made with a strong, linen blend top top for added scrubbing power and a strong canvas underlay for extra durability when you’re tackling those tough pots and pans. The lightweight core is an innovate cellulose fibre made from wood pulp, flax and cotton. This core makes your sponges wring-able, quick drying and, most importantly, foaming.


These UnSponges are made from with a cotton base, cellulose core and a cotton canvas and linen blend top.

How long will a Heavy Duty UnSponge last?

With regular dish soap and cleaners the average life is 4 months, with bleaches and heavy chemicals up to 3 months.

Is it biodegradable?

All parts of the Heavy Duty UnSponge are plant based so it will break down completely with time. If you’d like to compost it just cut it into small pieces and shred it with your fingers.

Caring for your UnSponge

To maintain your sponge simply throw it in the laundry with your regular wash and then air dry.

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